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I am a successful Senior Development Manager with expertise in project life cycles, planning, executing, controlling, closing projects and delivering business innovation and value, thus insuring that my Developers deliver beyond the expectations of stakeholders.

I have developed a wide range of techniques and skills whilst employed with Large and Medium institutions. In particular;

In addition, my focus has been managing multiple projects and staff (Analysts, Architects, Developers & Testers) , to ensure that the Business Sponsor / Client receives optimum value from the effort required. Also ensuring that all concerned are fully engaged, and that all distractions and impediments are removed. I make sure that flexibility is built into the process, thus allowing for the capacity to respond quickly and effectively to change - through short iterative cycles and direct communication.

Agile - my view of Development and Project Management.

This site contains articles relating to Project Management, Agile and Scrum. Some copied from The World Wide Web, others from my experience.

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Everything about "my_agile"  is linked directly or indirectly to this document.; including the , a   (ane from t examplhe Reference Material folder) , Templates and Reference Material.

I manage my projects in Windows folders. this circumvents companies "Web "security setups. I also find that, currently, Windows folders are generally more acceptable. Hence most of the documents here- in are in MS formats.

As I find new and better references / templates I update them. If a reference proves popular I convert it and move it to templates.


I  start with a "Master Index", (MS Doc). One folder for each project.  Within each project folder there are sections for easy reference (A - ZZ)
Z containing  Templates
ZZ containing Reference  Material
ZZZ containing specific Sprint, Burndown and Story materials

Note: Z,ZZ & ZZZ are removed at project close. Any Project specific Data will have been filed in " I "- Project Reference Material.

Note: The Project "owning"the Master Index is one of many projects stored  under the Project Management (PMO) Directory umbrella. An example of how that might look in HTML form is HERE!.

The second step is the Business case. And / or the Business Requirement, followed by the establishment of "sliders" and the format of the status reporting.  I combine both.

The third step is the establishment of the players, boundaries, in scope, out of scope etc.  Dataflow diagrams are the perfect tool for this purpose. As a minimum Diagram Zero, at this point.

Now aquire staff; Business Analyst, Systems Analyst and Architect (to begin with). At this point, depending on the size of your organisation, you will follow the leads described by your PMO. This will ensure continuity and supportability. Just please ensure that Operations are involved. It is they that will support and upgrade the operating systems after "Go Live".


Dataflow diagrams

Dataflow diagrams (gane sarson), I find are the key to ensuring that the Project understands the Business Case and the Business Requirement. Also, on a lower level, that each story has been broken down to a deliverable junk of work. See Dataflow Diagram.pdf.

Agile DFD  Diagram Zero of my Agile Project Management artifacts etc.

as you can see, this site is under construction
And I am following the story estimating technique  :-)



Sample templates include;

BusinessCase.docx Dataflow Diagram.pdf Guide for producing documents.docx
the thomsett company (c)2005 the thomsett company (c)2005 change_vs_decision.html
Change Request Log.xlsx Change Request CR000.xlsx Change Request Guidlines.docx
Decision Request Log.xlsx Decision Request001.docx Decision Request Guidlines.docx
Attendance Sheet
Attendance Sheet.docx Project status report with sliders.xlsx done.html
Fault report Quality Requirements Business case
Fault report.docx Quality requirements.htm BusinessCase.docx
Change vs. Decision Test template Evaluation Summary - form
Change Requests Vs Decision Requests - Copy.doc Test Template.xlsx Evaluation Summary Form.docx
Project Review Interview Memo Employee Appraisal Form template Meeting Minutes
Project Review Interview Memo.docx Employee Appraisal Form template.docx Meeting Minutes.docx
Function Point Counting Tool Installation request Form interview checklist
Function Point Counting Tool.xlsm Installation request Form.docx interview checklist.docx
Meeting Action Points Meeting Agenda Operational Issues Report
Meeting Action Points.docx Meeting Agenda.docx Operational Issues Report.docx
Business Requirements Computer based training evaluation form Contract summary report
Business Requirements.docx Computer based training evaluation form.docx Contract summary report.docx
Contract with myself Corrective action request Customer map
Contract with myself.docx Corrective action request.docx Customer map.docx
Customer satisfaction form Delivery team organization Project Appraisal Form
Customer satisfaction form.docx Delivery team organization.docx Project Appraisal Form.docx
Project Book Project Organization chart Project review summary evaluation
Project Book.docx Project Organization chart.docx Project review summary evaluation.docx
Project Status Report Template Purchase Order system  
Project Status Report Template.docx Purchase Order system.xlsx  
Risk Management action plans template Risk management log Risk Management Report - example
Sliders Test Template script  
Service request Sevice request log Staffing plan
Steering Commitee Report Steering Committee Agenda template Steering Committee Briefing

Critical for AGILE is the status reporting of activity . I refer to Story Cards, Backlogs, Quality, Sprints, Fault Reports, Burndown Charts, Velocity etc.


Sample Stories / Burndown / Sprint TemplateS;

stories.xlsm stories_readme.html Velocity.docx
backlog.htm Simple Product Backlog.xlsx agile_artifacts.html
Backlog for Agile teams
productbacklog.html BurnDownTemplate.xlsx .

Sample reference materials include;

Introduction to User Stories
Agile Project Management _ Overview.html Scrum_Guide.pdf Introduction to User Stories.htm
Business Requirements Development Management PPT
$README.htm Business-Requirements.htm Development Management.pptx
Project Review Presentation Data Flow Diagram Devolopment & Support Costs
Project Review Presentation.pptx Dataflow Diagram.pdf gif
Hidden Text Agile Development MSF productbacklog - an overview
Hidden Text.docx Microsoft"s Agile Product backlog.html
Agile for Dummies  
PM Activity Task List Generic.htm pdf